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-- a method of designers to interpret

E-binder is a prototype tool developed by Professor Jim Budd's student to assist industrial designers quickly and easily present a complete project or work in progress to others via the Internet.

The artifact selected in this design is a chair design. The intent behind E-binder is twofold. First it allows the designer to include documentation of the design process within a presentation to help the audience attain a deeper understanding of the project. The second but perhaps the most important aspect of E-binder is that it is intended to solicit feedback from the audience and actively engage them in the design process by providing an emotive context for the project being presented.

E-binder allows the designer to easily include multimedia generated by digital tools and so more accurately present subtle formal and mechanical information. Navigation is simple and intuitive due to a shallow hierarchical architecture.

The E-binder concept points the way towards a new and more direct way for designers to involve other people in the design process, whether they are other members of a design team or end users. It is a digital interpretation method for the designers to interpret their current designs to others, how about presenting the ancient artifacts?

The interface for E-binder provides the viewer with an understanding of the overall design process in the form of an encapsulated product presentation and survey.