A. Will Virtual Reality research replace online interpretation?

Although web-based interpretation is not as immerse as VR, it can remedy the demerits of VR. Users can enter, touch and interact in the VR environments, but their information input methods are limited and the immersion is easy to be destroyed. For this reason, VR is not a complete interpretation method. Furthermore, web is a more economic information channel for most users. So, although currently screen-based interface is an unavoidable weakness of my research, I believe that VR and this web-based research will coexist for a long period of time, and finally VR can be merged to be part of online interpretation.

B. Is cultural difference a threat to this research?

That is true. Interpretation research needs a solid knowledge background of certain artifact. Even with good background support, the cultural difference may cause the user navigation problem. It is nearly impossible to make an interpretation satisfying for all the audience with different language, gender, age and culture backgrounds. In the interpretation channel design, producer should use the most common "language". Maybe there is a way to make the interpretation "transparent" to different audience and self-adaptive to change itself according to the behaviors of current user.

My research is related to a project to build Australian Architecture electronic gallery. I feel I am still on the surface of the research, any suggestion and critique is welcomed.
Please feel free to contact me at:cheryl.qian@nexus.techbc.ca